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Unless you’ve had to run a dispatch unit in a police force or have been an officer on the beat, it’s difficult to imagine what it might be like to be faced to face with realities of limited resources. As a part of the INSPEC2T project, we’re developing applied games to support raising awareness of the issues surrounding community policing and those we’re aiming to find solutions to through the project’s tools and platform. One of the games is called Resource Force, a dispatch officer resource management simulation game.

Resource Force fulfills a number of roles. Firstly it provides an interactive experience from the point of view of the dispatch officer, allowing the players to get an understanding of the realities of prioritizing limited police resources. Secondly in raises awareness of the role and benefits of citizen’s engagement in supporting policing efforts. Finally by using relevant and topical scenarios, it serves to inform and raise awareness of the target audience of typical situations and cases where police involvement may or may not be relevant.

Resource Force is a single player role-play turn-based survival game where the player takes control of a local police force. The player’s goal is to respond to topical incidents such as drugs, cybercrime, and minority discrimination as they occur by allocating limited police resources.

Players have the ability to call on citizens to support them in investigations, thereby increasing their chances of successful outcomes. Players come face to face with the harsh reality of overstretched resources, lack of critical information, and how support from citizens through INSPEC2T may avoid serious consequences and lead to positive resolutions.

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