A downloadable game for Windows and Android


Designed for 16 to 24 year olds, the game focuses on teaching and practising soft skills for employability, with a focus on teamwork, communication styles, conflict management, emotional intelligence and time management.

Improve Communication

Through conversing with team members, who at times will have conflicts with you or other members of the team, practice empathy and emotional intelligence as you build your winning team.

Conflict Management

When responding to crew member comments, false promises and ill-tempered responses may lead your team to disaster, whereas the best outcomes will unite your team and push them further onward glory.


As manager you have full control over who races, who stays and who goes. Carefully construct your crew by taking time every race to ask your team about their skills and relationships. If there’s nobody around to successfully fill a role, there’s always recruits available for questioning that’ll happily come in at a moment’s notice.


Sports Team Manager.zip 23 MB
Sports Team Manager 31 MB