A downloadable game for Windows


Tower Together is an engaging cooperative building game where 2 to 8 players work together to build the tallest tower possible. It provides opportunities to practice and learn from collaborative action, mutual goals and shared resources. Aimed at year 2 and above, anyone from the age of 7 to 70 will enjoy playing with others in this fast paced and fun game.

Players cooperate, exercising their abilities to solve the problem as a group by paying attention to what others are doing, by asking for help and helping others, by taking turns and showing that they can be a good sport. Players need to communicate with each other by being an active listener, respecting others and exercising self control when dealing with a stressful situation. Students will be working together to build a tower using shared blocks in a limited time.

Tower Together provides opportunities for collaborative action, mutual goals and shared resources. Among others, players will develop common strategies to solve problems as a group, learn to share resources in order to succeed, dealing with stress and relay on other players.


Tower Together 17 MB